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The following comments have been received following the launch and I stress that they are all unsolicited.  Of course, whilst they have been addressed to me, the sentiments expressed should go to both Kees Cornelissen and the gang at Triton Jachten:

Congratulations to a fine boat!

Bente Arnild

That is one hell of a pretty boat!

Chris, Power Conversion Technology

...but I can sure comment on the Vessel.   In a word - WOW!
Very, very smart little ship!

Norm, Toronto, Canada

WOW! You guys on that side of the pond sure can form steel plate nicely. I don't think you'd find to many yards around here wanting to put compound curves in like that. Beautiful.

Ned, Woodstock, Conneticut

Nice looking yacht, Colin. Not many of that type over here.

M Mason, Bridgewater Canada

Looks really good, I like the overall workmanship on the vessel.

Tony B, Brisbane Australia

She is rather sexy.  Congrats Oh Boatbuilder extraordinaire.

Gail, London

Looks fantastic

Simon, London

Oh babe

Andrew, Bristol

What a beauty!

Martin, Portsmouth

Very impressive

John, Portsmouth

She is beautiful

Willie, Helensburgh

Looks beautiful.

Cara, London

May I add my congratulations to you both, “its' Perfect”, it sets a standard that others will attempt to follow!

Malcolm, Guernsey

What a lovely looking vessel!!  You really are very lucky.

Jon, Brixham

All in all not that bad for an amateur boatbuilder.  And seeing the result,    well done.

Kees Cornelissen, KEI designer

When was she converted?
When was the superstructure conversion done?
Where was the conversion done?

Typical questions from passers by when moored anywhere.  Commercial barge skippers also show much interest and are surprised that KEI is new.


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